New Patients

Thank you for choosing our office! We pride ourselves on being a small, caring, service oriented dental office that is skilled at providing services for each member of the family regardless of age. We will treat you as we would expect to be treated and hope you will become a long term member of our dental office family. We treat patients as individuals, spend time with our patients and enjoy our workplace because so many of our patients end up feeling like family!

Prior to your first appointment, our office staff will mail a new patient packet to your home. This packet contains your health history form, which we need to provide safe and personalized treatment. The link below may be used to download and print this form at home if you would like.

Key items to remember for your first appointment:

Dental Emergencies

We are happy to see new patients for dental emergencies. Our office staff is trained to gather the necessary information about your concern and schedule you appropriately. We make every possible effort to see patients with urgent problems as soon as possible, oftentimes the same day.

Routine Care Appointments

If you are calling to schedule a routine dental care appointment, have been seen within the last year at a different office, and are not having any problems, we will likely schedule you to see the dentist and hygienist for your first visit. At your first visit we will take time to gather some information that allows us to recommend appropriate treatment for you. At this visit you can expect a full exam that will include the following:

Radiographs - We make recommendations for radiographs based on your specific needs. We do not believe radiographs should be “routine” and taken for every patient at every visit. We take into account your dental health history and make recommendations on what are necessary diagnostic radiographs for each individual.

Oral Cancer Screening - Every adult patient receives a comprehensive oral cancer screening at every routine care visit. We obtain an updated medical, social and dental history and we perform an intraoral and extraoral conventional visual and tactile examination in all adult patients. According to the most updated evidence based guidelines by the American Dental Association, this is the best method for detecting oral cancer. The panel does not recommend commercially available salivary adjuncts for the evaluation of potentially malignant disorders among adult patients.

Periodontal Examination - We evaluate the foundation of your teeth: the gums and bone! We look at the appearance, and quality of your gums and evaluate for recession, sign of gingivitis and periodontal disease at every routine care appointment. We will inform you if the presence of disease exists, as well as the associated risk, treatment, and prognosis. We will also educate you on how your overall health may affect your gums, and how the health of your gums may affect your overall health.

Based on our findings, we will recommend and explain the type of cleaning or gum treatment that is most appropriate for you based on the current health of your teeth and gum tissue. We will review and suggest products and oral hygiene techniques that are appropriate for you.

Jaw Joint Examination - We will perform a TMJ exam which will screen for any abnormalities in your bite, jaw joints and associated muscles.

Visual Examination and Intra-Oral Camera - We will evaluate all of your existing dental work and will examine your teeth for cavities, fractures or wear. We use an intra-oral camera to help you visualize and learn more about the condition of your mouth.

Consultations for Patients with Complex Dental Needs

We offer consultation appointments with the doctor for those of you who are experiencing a non-urgent dental problem, or would like to discuss specific concerns prior to starting treatment. You may benefit from a consultation if you have any health problems you feel may affect treatment, have complex dental problems, or need to discuss various treatment options prior to choosing a treatment plan that is right for you.

Sounds crazy but the atmosphere at the office is so relaxing and fun that I brag about my dentist to my friends. ~ Yelp Reviewer